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Copertina RivistaThe magazine "F&M" was born from the passion of its science editor. Being a naturalist "passionate" first of all has always made a commitment to the spread of the natural sciences to the general public.

The Magazine "Fossils and Minerals" intended to act as a springboard into the general public to disseminate and raise awareness of interesting and fascinating subjects such as paleontology, mineralogy, malacology, zoology and everything revolves around the Natural Sciences.
Thanks to a modern cut, a quality iconography, the widespread participation of both industry specialists of fans "F&M" wants to be a new platform for connecting and dissemination of news and events related to Paleontology, Mineralogy, Malacology and Natural Sciences.

The magazine includes among its pages the newborn Palaeontological Society Naturalistic " SPN ", providing a space for their scientific Newsletter, which enriches the magazine further contributions by increasing the overall quality of the journal. For this reason subscribing to the magazine, you may request, sign up and be a member of the "SPN" a young company dedicated to Paleontology, Mineralogy, Geology, Zoology, Biology and the Natural Sciences.

The magazine offers a variety of subscription solutions, you can choose the various forms of distribution to suit your needs. There are 3 types of membership:

Subscription PRINT € 35.00 (for Italian address, for Foreign subscriptions see the page
(magazine printed in color on glossy paper in high quality with a minimum of 32 pp. + download on the website of the magazine in PDF format)

Subscription PDF € 20.00
(subscription only PDF of the magazine can be downloaded from a special section here on the site)

WEB Subscription € 15.00
(a subscription only online that allows you to download only abstracts and articles published only on-line at "F&M" and on the website




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